Thank you for your interest in covering Miami Dade College’s Miami Film Festival (March 3 – 12, 2017). Applications for press credentials must be submitted before Monday, February 1, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

If you were approved for GEMS 2016 credentials AND you picked up your badge in-person, you were automatically approved for Miami Film Festival 2017 accreditation and your badge plus approved ticket requests will be mailed to you. An email with instructions will follow.

Guidelines for Badge Approval

Accreditation is granted on the basis of the applicant's professional activity. To receive accreditation you must specify your position in the press industry. The online application must be filled in with your personal data as well as information about the company that employs you.

If you are filling out the application for other crew members of your team, please ensure that you use separate emails for all names. Do not use your email for all the crewmembers. If you use your same email repeatedly, your badge requests will be denied.

In the online application below, it is required that you upload your photo (JPEG - High Resolution is requested with maximum size 1MB). If you do not upload your photo with your application, your badge request will be denied.

Accreditation gives the following benefits:
  • Access to red carpet events, press conferences and pre-screening introductions.
  • Access to Press Room/Private Interviews: The Press Room is available for private, one-on-one interviews with directors, producers, talent and industry executives who are attending the Festivals. Please contact the Festival press office to schedule interviews. Press Room locations are to be determined. You will receive notification.
  • Pre-screening introductions of directors and talent at theater venues: Accredited press must be escorted in to the theater venues to cover introductions before the screenings. You must have a hard ticket or ticket stub in order to be allowed to stay for the screenings. Members of the press without hard tickets or ticket stubs will be escorted out before the screenings begin.
  • Post-screening audience Q&As with directors and talent at theater venues: If you want to see the films and cover the post-screening question-and-answer-sessions between directors, talent and the audience, we strongly encourage you to request hard tickets ASAP. Members of the press may be admitted in to the theater venues after the film ends and the house lights come on, at the discretion of Festival Theater Operations staff.
  • Pre-Festival Screenings: The Festival will be hosting a Press Screening Event in advance of the festival for films which have granted press screeners. You will receive notification of the date and available films as well as other exciting components to the event. Screeners for Miami Film Festival 2017 will be determined closer to the Festival date.

Your application alone neither constitutes nor guarantees your accreditation. The Miami Film Festival may accept or turn down an application for accreditation at its sole discretion. All decisions are final.

Picking up Press Credentials

If your application is accepted, the Press Office will send you a confirmation email. The exact address, dates and opening hours of the Press Office will be provided in the email confirming your accreditation. Accreditation is strictly personal and non-transferable.

A third party may also be allowed to pick up an accreditation upon presentation of a written authorization, a photocopy of his or her ID, and a photocopy of the ID of the person applying for accreditation.

Andrea Salazar - Salazar PR

Dina Allende - Clique PR